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Jeff Evard to be farm advocate in Washington DC

Good news! Local Growers’ Guild  member Jeff Evard of LIFE Certified Organic Farm has been selected to represent farmers in Indiana to advocate for the 2012 Farm Bill. He will travel to Washington DC in early March, with the sponsorship of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. This organization is a good place to go to follow the path of the 2012 Farm Bill, with its proposed provisions for local foods, small farms, and beginning ranchers and farmers. We have posted before about the 2012 Farm Bill, and are very pleased that Jeff will be our advocate for the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act. Learn more below.

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Dear Members of the Local Growers’ Guild,

Jeff Evard is an organic vegetable farmer in Indiana. He is committed to farming in a way that protects the environment, builds the local economy, and provides healthy food for his community.

Jeff is new to advocacy, but next month he will leave his farming duties to travel to Washington, DC.  Jeff, along with dozens of other farmers, will advocate for better policies in the upcoming farm bill — policies that create jobs and expand opportunity for small and medium-sized family farms.

We need your help to bring Jeff and other farmers to DC to meet with members of Congress next month.  Your donation will support our work to ensure the voices of sustainable farmers are heard on Capitol Hill. Please donate today to support Jeff’s advocacy for the best possible 2012 Farm Bill.

Real, personal stories from farmers and ranchers who work the land every day have a major impact:  they drive home the importance of better farm policy.  And now is the time.  Donate today to support the volunteer efforts of farmers like Jeff to speak up when it counts the most.

LIFE Certified Organic Farm

Thank You,

Susan Prolman

Executive Director

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition