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Harvest Dinner Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to break bread with friends and support the LGG at our Annual Harvest Dinner.   We were asked a lot about the dishes during the dinner, so we thought we would post the menu online if folks want to try to recreate the dish for themselves.   We’ve also included links below if you’d like to enjoy a meal at each chef’s home base!

Alisha Mustafa, Mustafa Pie Co.
Appetizer- Oktoberfest Beer, Creekbend Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
Mini Shepard’s Pie with an herb potato crust filled ground beef, turnips, onions, with parmesan cheese. Pickled beets and a chive and parsley oil drizzled on the side

Alan Simmerman, Bloomingfoods
Salad- Harvest Ale, Creekbend III 2011
Greens salad with apple cornbread and roasted squash

Damian Esposito, Indiana Memorial Union
Soup- Pilsner, Creekbend Traminette 2011
Traditional Pozole of pork, hominy, onion, garlic, dried chilies, and cilantro

Seth Elgar, Upland Brewing Company
Main Course- Double Dragonfly IPA, Creekbend Chambourcin 2010
Fall mash of potatoes and squash, braised greens, and smoked WE Farm pork shoulder in a braised beef shank demi

Vegetarian Dish: Fall mash of potatoes and squash, braised greens, topped with a swiss chard cake stuffed with Capriole chèvre and a roasted beet beurre blanc

Jeff Grossnickle, Chocolate Moose
Dessert- Bad Elmer’s Porter, Creekbend Late Harvest Vignoles 2008
Valentine Hill Farm Organic Bavarian lemon pound cake with a scoop of Chocolate Moose local pumpkin ice cream

Harvest Dinner sponsors included Upland Brewing Company, Oliver Winery, Cartridge World, Brown County CoffeeIndiana Memorial Union Catering, Master Rental, and KRC Catering.

Big thanks to our growers who offered donations:

Fields of Agape
Freedom Valley Farm
Glorious Day Lily
Harvest Moon Flower Farm
Heartland Family Farm
Homestead Growers
Hoosier Billy Farms
LIFE Certified Organic Farm
Lost Pond Farm
Moon Valley Farm
Musgrave Orchard
Olde Lane Orchard
Living Roots Ecovillage
Renaissance Farm
Sage Gardens
Sun Circle Farm
The Chile Woman
Valentine Hill Farm
WE Farm
White Violet Center for Eco-Justice


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