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Upcoming Local Food Events!

We sure do have an exciting local foods community with all of the upcoming events on the calendar.  There’s something for everyone!

Are you interested in figuring out why your favorite plant turned an odd color?  Visit the Monroe County Extension open house and learn about all their resources for growers and gardeners.

Is sauerkraut, kombucha, and raw milk in your house?  Maybe you want to stop by the Weston A. Price Potluck this week and exchange cultures and ideas on traditional foods.

Are you interested in seeing more small sustainable farms in Monroe County?  Local government is interested in learning how their planning and zoning rules can be inclusive to home-based sustainable farm businesses.

If you’re more of an educator, but still a foodie, the Bloomington Food Policy Council Education Committee is looking for new members and ideas on spreading the local food message.

Just in time for the flu season, the LGG is hosting their next potluck on growing and using medicinal plants.  Traditional medicine can be expensive and tends to just treat symptoms.  Bring a dish and join the conversation on widely used medicinal plants that you can grow yourself or find from a local grower.

See our events calendar on the right hand side to learn more about these and other events!



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  1. Sonja Dorr Binder #

    You mention both the Weston A. Price potluck and a potluck on growing an dusing medicinal plants and refer to the calendar but I can find no information on these events. When and where are your monthly potlucks? I am a new member and would like to attend. Thanks.

    February 14, 2013

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