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Community Members

Lucille Bertuccio, co-founder of the Center for Sustainable Living

We can create individual pages for community members here on the LGG website. Just send us a message, and tell us your thoughts about local food!

Don’t see your name? We will be updating this list soon. We’d love to create a page for you! Just email content to localgrowers[at]localgrowers[dot]org.

Juan Carlos Arango, Mary Helen Ayres, Claudio Buchwald, Jennifer Bass, Daniel Bingham, Clifford Brooks, Leslie Burns, Lisa Canada, Beverly Carson, Colin Caudell, Maria Collee, Amy Countryman, Jeff Mansffield, Stacey Decker, Greg Deemer, Rick Dietz, Candace Foss, Melanie Frank, Robert Frew, Sura Gail Tala, Ross Gay, Karen Green-Stone, Rob Stone, Alex and Abi Gundlach-Graham, Jerome Gust, Jessie Gutgsell, Elizabeth Gwynn, Gail and Stephen Hale, Deborah Hatlen, Anne J. Haynes, Dawn Hewitt, Sherry Holiday, Eric Mitter, Sandi Kidwell, Deborah Klenke, Hope Leeper, Rene Llewellyn, Brian Lloyd and Backyard Classrooms LLC, Barbara Metz, Tom Mooradian, Mark Norris, Kate O’Shea, David Parkhurst, Susan and James Pennington, Marlon Pierce, Susan and James Powell, Jane Roberts, Deborah Robinson, Amy Roche, Jessie Rome, Brent Stephens, Linda Roos, Amy Rubens, Sara Ryterband, Martha Sattinger, Amina B. Shabani, Carol Shapiro, Lisa Sideris, Brandi and Mark Smith, Stephanie Solomon, Jessie Stephens, Kelly Taberreaux, Amy Thompson, Sharon Wainshilbaum, Gail Weaver, Joseph Werle, Victoria Wesseler, Rick Wilk, Katie Wrightmire, Vincent Edwards

Hoosier Hills Food Bank
Bloomington Food Policy Council
Backyard Classrooms, LLC