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Thank you for your interest, and we hope to look to you for continued support. The strength of the cooperative depends of the strength of its membership. Be a CHAMPION in supporting the local food economy of Indiana!

The Local Growers’ Guild (LGG) connects, supports and educates local growers and producers, businesses, consumers and communities in Indiana. We currently have three categories of membership – producer members, community members, and farm advocates.

The membership renewal date is September 30th of each year.  Memberships are prorated depending on the date a member signs up.  See Pricing.

Grower/Producer members are local producers of fresh and value-added food, plants, flowers, or fiber. They range from small urban homesteads to large farm operations. They are committed to producing quality products and supporting other producers. Grower & producer members benefit from promotional support as well as attendance at technical workshops, grower resources and farm policy updates, educational and social events hosted by LGG, and our small farm advocacy. Additionally, they connect and network with other growers & producers as well as the consumer community.  Read more about our producer benefits.   Become a Grower/Producer Member.

Farm Advocates are local businesses, farmers’ markets, restaurants, food co-ops, grocery stores, bed-and-breakfast hotels and other businesses interested in supporting local food production.  Farm Advocates also often prepare or sell locally grown and produced food, flowers, and fibers. Farm Advocates benefit from promotional support for their business as well as attendance at technical workshops, educational and social events hosted by LGG. Additionally, they connect with farmers and community members invested in supporting the local food economy. The LGG logo, publicity, and credibility will help retailers attract customers.  Read more about our Farm Advocate benefits.  Become a Farm Advocate Member.

Community members are committed citizens of our regional communities invested in growing and/or purchasing food that supports our local producers, economy, and environment. Community members benefit from the outreach and education of food issues as well as where, how, and why to buy locally. They receive opportunities to actively participate in the network of leaders and key players within the local food movement.  Become a Community Member.