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Letter from the President…

Greetings!  We are all deeply enthralled in the growing season, and for most of us, are likely asking ourselves, ‘why again is it that we do this?’  The Indiana humidity makes our labors that much more difficult; spotty rains often pass us by, and the days are never long enough to get everything done.  However, when our customers delight in our produce and our root cellars and freezers fill with the fruits of our labor, we are quickly reminded that our way of life, though hard, is about a deep belief in the greater good and the preservation of our environment for generations to come.  Simply stated, we believe in what we do – it is a passion and a conviction.

One of the greatest assets of our Guild is bringing together like-minded individuals.  The camaraderie of our members is invaluable.  It is much better to benefit from the lessons learned by others than to experience them all ourselves.  Farmers, in general, are an innovative group.  It’s not always the mistakes of others we can learn from, but also their solutions to problems can often be simple, but ingenious.

As we venture to market and are selling to our neighbors, remember to ask others to join us in our cause – become a member.  Many exciting things lie ahead for Guild members in the coming year.  We are making changes to our member benefits to ensure it’s both a common sense and financially sound decision to join for grower/producers, community members and the business sector as well.  More so, we want to make sure it makes NO sense (common or financial) NOT to join.

Be careful when out in the fields – safety should be priority one.  And, when you venture to market to purchase our products, remember what goes into growing them.  Locally-grown, chemical-free food really can’t be beat!

Be safe, and may it be a prosperous growing season,

Cheryl Carter Jones

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Tickets on Sale for Barn Dance!

Our online store for tickets is closed, but you may purchase tickets at the door.

Come out and join the Local Growers’ Guild (LGG) for an old-fashioned evening of music and dancing as they present their first Barn Dance fundraising event. Held in The Clubhouse at the Fields (1333 Fenbrook Lane, Bloomington, IN) from 6-9pm on April 12, 2014, the affair offers live music, silent and live fundraising auctions, appetizers and a cash bar for a fun-filled evening of pleasure for the entire family.  The night will feature the White Lightning Boys, a bluegrass band from Brown County.

Tickets are $15 for adults; $10 for those 4-12 years old; children age 3 and under are free.

Our online store for tickets is closed, but you may purchase tickets at the door.

The barn dance will support the LGG’s efforts to support and educate new and experienced local farmers, and promote local healthful food.

Folks who buy tickets online will be on the list a the door.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the local food system and the work of the Local Growers’ Guild.  Click on their logos below to learn more about them.



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Season Extension Field Day!

March 30th, 1pm
Full Hand Farm
3844 SR 13 N., Noblesville, IN 46060

LGG Members Full Hand Farm will host the next potluck and Field Day.  We’ll be discussing season extension, with high tunnels, field techniques, and transplanting!  Details forthcoming in the March newsletter and on Facebook.

Have questions about season extension and transplanting that you’d like our hosts and the LGG to cover at the field day?  Send your questions to

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Submit your order for farm supplies, cover crops, and amendments!

The LGG Bulk Order Program for farm/garden supplies, cover crops, and amendments is open to gardeners, farmers, and community organizations…members and non-members alike. Non-members are assessed a $10 fee or can join the LGG before they order. Participants have reduced costs between 5%-15% each year we’ve offered the program. The last day to order is February 23rd.

View the Bulk Order Form (For viewing and printing only)

Submit your order:

Farm Supplies from Nolt’s Produce: View Catalog
By request, the LGG is including farm supplies, like seed trays and row cover, from Nolt’s Produce. If there is something that you would like to order from their catalog, and we haven’t included the item in the order form, contact In addition, if there is a case of a supply that you would like to split with someone (and you haven’t planned a split with someone you know), include a comment at the end of your order form with the item number and cost, and we will send out an email to you and anyone else interested in splitting the same item. We can only provide this service for Nolt’s Produce supplies.

Cover Crops through Jerald Rhodes (Rhodes Family Farm):View Cover Crops
We are offering both non-GMO conventional cover crops and organic cover crops. This year we have included an option to purchase smaller 25lb. bags for most seeds.

Amendments from Ohio Earth Food: View Catalog

Payment and Coordination Charge
The Local Growers’ Guild will email you an invoice after our order form closes on Feb. 20th. The invoice will include your order total, shipping charges (proportional to your total shipping weight), and 10% coordination charge . Non-members will also be charged $10. Sorry we’re unable to gauge what the discounts will be until all of the orders are placed. Payment must be made before we place your order.

Orders will be available for pickup at the beginning of March to mid-March. Once our order form closes, we will send out further information regarding our pickup location in Monroe County.

View the Bulk Order Form (For viewing and printing only)

Submit your order:

The last day to order is February 23rd.
Spring 2014 Early Bird Fruit and Berry Discounts

We have been asked if we offer a bulk order program for trees and shrubs. While we do not offer this service, one our LGG Members, Bread & Roses Nursery is taking orders now, and at good prices too! See below for more information.

Bread & Roses Nursery is now taking orders for a spring bulk fruit tree and berry order. They are offering bare-root and potted fruit trees and berries. This a great way to get select cultivars at an affordable price! Starting in Fall 2014, Bread & Roses will have their own locally grafted and grown fruit trees to offer. Until then they are providing this service. All fruits and berries will sourced from trusted growers and have been selected as the best cultivars for our region. The deadline for orders is February 22nd. For more information about the order please check out the link below.

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CSA Fair this Saturday!

Love your food fresh and in-season? Trying to find a way to connect with local farmers and producers? Look no further than this year’s CSA Fair! Co-sponsored by the Local Growers’ Guild and the Bloomington Winter Market, the CSA Fair will be held alongside the February 8th Winter Farmers’ Market from 9am-noon at Harmony School (909 E. 2nd St.). Patrons can park for free on the street or at the Atwater Parking Garage. Farms will showcase their CSA and Buying Club options for the coming seasons, offering a wide variety of produce, meat, eggs, bread and flowers. The event is free and open to the public.The CSA Fair provides an opportunity for eaters of local food to talk with producers about their CSA shares, what products are available, how they are grown or raised, prices and sign-up options. You can share contact information to learn more from farmers, or bring your checkbook to subscribe on the
spot! Groups from workplaces and congregations are encouraged to attend, as some farms have delivery options.

A simple process, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for growers and buyers to work together in order to provide fresh products in a consistent and easily accessible manner. Sometimes called “farm subscriptions,” CSA’s function as consumers purchase a share from a particular farm in advance of planting and harvesting. Once the harvesting season arrives, the consumer receives a portion of the farm’s produce or other products on a consistent basis. This mutually beneficial system provides growers with advance capital to help with the expenses of farming, and supplies consumers with a steady flow of fresh goods, as well as the opportunity to get to know their farmer.

Thanks to Eric Van Scoik for his generosity in sharing his beautiful painting above, with the LGG for the CSA Fair.

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